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Nathalie Miriam graduated from the famous Stage School of Music and Drama in Hamburg. During her time in Hamburg she gained experience in various productions, amongst others at the Altona Theater; further more in song, dance and drama. Already in 2005 Nathalie sung and acted the part of Agnes by “Katherine Ann”
Numerous performances on company events, weddings and galas followed her graduation with the diploma for stage performance. Her references include Porsche, LEWA, Flex Fonds, Daimler and reach from Germany to Florida.

Nathalie Miriam HilsbergA big highlight certainly was the role of “Däumelina” which Nathalie starred in the musical with the same name, composed by Sami Hammi. She also took leading parts as Amneris in Aida, Julia in Romeo and Julia and Constance in The Three Musketeers within “Musicals – The Great Stage Show”.

Later in her career Nathalie continued her education at the MFA to become a movie actor. Her first experiences in the movie business include smaller roles in popular soap operas in Germany like “Marienhof“, “Sturm der Liebe“ and “Die Rosenheimcops”. Nathalie starred in several short movies and video clips. She made a script-writing course in Berlin and wrote and shot her first own Short Movie: “The Affair” in February 2014 during “Berlinale”.

On April 2014 she was awarded a scholarship for the Hybrid 16 Week Conservatory from 28th of July to 14th of November at Talent Ventures TVI Actors Studio in New York.

In Mai 2015 she will perform in London at Bloomsbury Theatre as “Harmonia” in the Musical “One-Way Ticket To Heaven” written and composed by Sami Hammi.

A little taste of new songs.
More about it at my youtubechannel: NathalieMiriamHilsberg


Hey Guys! Finally!! The Homepage from the Musical"One-Way Ticket To Heaven" is online! I got the female main part " Harmonia".Premiere in London 2015!!

Musicals mit Nathalie Miriam HilsbergMusicals mit Nathalie Miriam HilsbergMusicals mit Nathalie Miriam Hilsberg

A heavenly Musical
The Musical ONE-WAY TICKET TO HEAVEN is a spiritual and entertaining story between Roman mythology and the classical journey of a Hero. With its catchy gospel songs it is in step with the zeitgeist of all social classes and generations. The intelligently told story does not limit the audience's intellect. It does not exclusively address Musical lovers, but also the classical theatre audience. The music delivers the best in musical theatre tradition: A combination of charm and dramaturgy and a lot of catchy Musical songs.

A heavenly Musical


TwitterHey Guys,finally
I’m on Twitter!!
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Hey Leute, meine Homepage zu meinen Sprechtechnik Seminaren ist online.

Mehr Infos unter:


Demo Reel 2017

Hey friends!Great news!
I will release my first Album with Cover songs on itunes,
youtube and spotify soon!Stay tuned!!
Here's a little taste:" Let it go"

Nathalie was honoured to sing at the "James Francis Gill Vernissage" at "Schloß Solitude" and entertained the guests and the famous artist himself as "Marilyn Monroe"


Hey friends!Great news - now I'm an oficial S- Model at:

On the right track:
I have a Sponsor for my Entertainment VISA USA now!!

Short Film:
I Got the female main Role Nora-Luisa in "Baby in Time“.
It was a challenge to play a highly pregnant woman that is kidnapped from a robber on the way to the hospital…

Harald: Thomas Lynwood Ditz , George: Joel Graupner
Regie: Moritz Henze-Jurisch/Esteban Glez Luna

One Way ticket:
….Premiere in London was awesome!Now we will play it in Germany again at "Gasteig“ München!

Musical One-way ticket Rehearsal
Fotos "Harmonia""

Musicals mit Nathalie Miriam Hilsberg Musicals mit Nathalie Miriam Hilsberg Musicals mit Nathalie Miriam Hilsberg Musicals mit Nathalie Miriam Hilsberg

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