Height: 5“4 ft“inch
Weight: 105,8 lbs
Playing Range: 22-32
Voice Range: Soprano


Sturm der Liebe
Die Rosenheimcops



2015 Baby in Time
2014 The Camera
2014 Sarge and Harvey
2013 The Affair
2010 I spent my time waiting
2009 Musical Film
Moritz Heinze-Jurisch
Scott Kalberer
Morgan Giehring
Dieter Strasser


Theatre / Musical

One-Way Ticket To Heaven Lead / Harmonia
Calvin Burke/SamiHammi
Alles Musical Lead Kathrin Bechstein
Däumelina das Musical Lead Sami Hammi
Iphigenie auf Tauris Lead Johanna Brix



TVI Actor School NY 2014:

On Camera Technique, Jeanine Bartel and Joel Brady
Text Analysis, Magaly Colimon and Scott Kalberer
Improv, Stefan Schuette
Audition Technique, Donna McKenna and Kimberley Graham
Monologues, Lauren Port
Commercials/ Voice Over, Heather Finn and Rebecca Yarsin
Business of Acting, Paul Michael
Musical /Voice, Paul Lincoln
Workshop, Giles Foreman
Synchronstudio Bavaria Filmstudios
Workshop TVI at RADA in London
Script Writing Workshop, Tim Garde

Stage School Hamburg

Musical Actress Degree, (3 year programm)

Special Skills

Musical Actress, singing, dancing, acrylic painting, creating dogbands, horseback riding, scriptwriting, songwriting, Dogdance, cooking, Minnidance teacher (4-6year old children)
Dancing: Hip Hop,Latin- and Standart


German, English, French


Nathalie Miriam graduated from the famous Stage School of Music and Drama in Hamburg. During her time in Hamburg she gained experience in various productions, amongst others at the Altona Theater; further more in song, dance and drama. Already in 2005 Nathalie sung and acted the part of Agnes by “Katherine Ann”.

Numerous performances on company events, weddings and galas followed her graduation with the diploma for stage performance. Her references include Porsche, LEWA, Flex Fonds, Daimler and reach from Germany to Florida.

A big highlight certainly was the role of “Däumelina” which Nathalie starred in the musical with the same name, composed by Sami Hammi. She also took leading parts as Amneris in Aida, Julia in Romeo and Julia and Constance in The Three Musketeers within “Musicals – The Great Stage Show”.

Later in her career Nathalie continued her education at the Munich Film Academy to become a movie actor. Her first experiences in the movie business include smaller roles in popular soap operas in Germany like “Marienhof“, “Sturm der Liebe“ and “Die Rosenheimcops”. Nathalie starred in several short movies and video clips. She made a script-writing course in Berlin and wrote and made her first own Short Movie: “The Affair” in February 2014 during “Berlinale”.

On April 2014 she was awarded a scholarship for the Hybrid 16 Week Conservatory from 28th of July to 14th of November at Talent Ventures TVI Actors Studio in New York.

In Mai 2015 she performed in London at Bloomsbury Theatre and at Munich Gasteig as “Harmonia” in the New Musical “One-Way Ticket To Heaven” written and composed by Sami Hammi.

Nathalie was honoured to sing at the "James Francis Gill Vernissage" at "Schloß Solitude" and entertained the guests and the famous artist himself as "Marilyn Monroe"

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